Types of Editing

Whether you want help from the very early stages of the project or just assurance that everything is correct before you hit submit, I have a level of editing that’s right for you. Everyone means something slightly different when they talk about types of editing. Here are my definitions.

Developmental Editing. What I help with:  crafting the message and determining the overall organization and structure. I highly recommend this level of editing for presentations and posters—I can design the whole thing for you! When to include me: from the first stages of the project.

Substantive Editing. What I help with: making each sentence as effective as possible and improving word choice. I highly recommend this level of editing for articles and other written projects—I can ensure your paper makes a great impression on reviewers and colleagues. When to include me: once you have solid drafts already in place.

Basic EditingWhat I help with: final spot checking to make sure everything is technically correct (rather than “as good as it can be”). When to include me: right before you send your project off to the journal, conference, etc.

Still not sure what type of editing your project needs? No problem. Contact me and we can figure out exactly how to make your science sing.