Investing in a science communication consultant to edit your articles, design your posters, and develop your talks frees up your time. With Science Refinery helping you communicate your science, you get back to doing the science you love. How much is your productivity worth?

Since every project is unique, I don’t have set hourly or per-word prices. Instead, I evaluate each project individually and quote you a fee. As you can see on the Estimate Request form, the fee is based on the following factors: type of project, length (i.e., number of words or minutes, if applicable), type of editing, and time until the deadline. I accept payments via PayPal, Google Wallet, and U.S. check. Special arrangements may be made as needed.

It’s time to invest in your own productivity: contact Science Refinery today. Let’s make your science sing.

The complete standard terms for working with Lauren Meyer through Science Refinery, LLC are here.