“My Bad!” Contest

ALL writers need editors–even me! If you spot an error anywhere on my site, please let me know. I’ll reward your eagle eye with a $5 discount off your next project.

Previous fan corrections:

  • Jackson M., Olathe, KS: On the homepage, I omitted a comma before a coordinating conjunction joining two independent clauses (“I know firsthand the frustrations and joys involved in the process of science communication, and I can easily digest scientific content.”). According to most guides, that type of comma is only optional when a) omitting it wouldn’t cause confusion (as here) AND b) both clauses are short (not true here). 
  • Lisa M., Madison, WI: In a blog post, I had a typo of you when it should have been your (“$5 off your next edit”). I wish I could say it was an intentional plant (since this very contest was the subject of the sentence), but it was really just a coincidental mistake.