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Intelligent, organized, prompt, reliable, and passionate = excellent service.

Repeat customer Sue B. in Madison, WI had this to say about her experiences working with Science Refinery: “Lauren is intelligent, organized, prompt, reliable, and passionate about her new business Science Refinery. She provided me with excellent service on 3 recent projects: LinkedIn profile, cover letter, and updating my resume. I’m confident she’ll be successful at whatever project she tackles.”

Represent yourself well and relay your intended message.

I worked with Lisa M. in Madison, WI to developmentally edit an important letter. Watch her talk about her experience with Science Refinery:

In case you can’t watch the video, here’s what she said: “Words matter. I hired Science Refinery when I had an important letter to write. Lauren improved my word choice and it made for a more polished product. When you need to make certain you’ve not only represented yourself in the best light but also that you’re relaying the information you intended to, I recommend Science Refinery.”

From organizational logic to slide design, Science Refinery helps your talk reach its full potential

I worked with Will Cox, a dissertator in Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, to improve a talk he was giving to “a lot of very important, smart people.” (Remember, Science Refinery can help you improve more than just your written articles! Check out the range of projects I work on here.) Watch him talk about his experience:


In case you can’t watch video, here’s what he said:

I had a very nice experience working with Lauren from Science Refinery….  She took a lot of time sitting down with me, watching me go through my talk. She took many notes and helped me improve every aspect of the talk from designing slides, to how I carried myself and spoke, to how I walked people through the logic of my ideas–just every aspect of the scientific process–helped me improve my graphs, all kinds of things. Her insights were very thoughtful and insightful and really helped me improve my presentation. When I finally gave it in front of a huge room full of all these professors, I really felt confident that I had a good package that I was able to deliver to them, and I couldn’t have done it without Lauren’s help.

She’s really able to cut right through a lot of the hangups and crap that people have with their own work and their own writing and really help them communicate effectively to new audiences and different people who might not be as familiar with their particular areas of expertise. She really just provides an invaluable service and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to be a good communicator. As a scientist, communicating well is one of the most important things–perhaps the most important thing–that we do, because it doesn’t matter how good your science is or how important it is: if you can’t communicate to other people why it’s important, then you won’t be able to help it reach its full potential. I think that Lauren really helped me reach my full potential and I would highly recommend Science Refinery to anyone else who is working in science and wants to communicate well.

“Thank you, Science Refinery, for helping make my writing the best it can possibly be.”

Kendrick B., a computer science grad student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, sent the following about his experience working with Science Refinery on a journal article:

When facing a looming deadline for a camera-ready paper submission, I’m always hesitantKendrick to make many changes for fear of introducing even worse problems than I’m fixing. Science Refinery’s basic editing put my mind at ease, knowing that they would catch any new errors I introduced. This made me much more comfortable fixing up a few confusing areas and even doing a major re-write for one section at the 11th hour. Responses were very prompt and Science Refinery was extremely cooperative in finding formats that worked best for me.

Thank you, Science Refinery, for helping make my writing the best it can possibly be.

“I can’t say enough good things about Science Refinery.”

Here’s a testimonial from Melissa Harris, a postdoctoral researcher in Madison, WI:

If you’re like me, you find writing cover letters to be a difficult task. YouMelissa worry whether your enthusiasm for the position comes off sounding flat or hackneyed, and you may have a tendency to undersell yourself. You know there’s no room for this when you’re after that awesome job! Enter Lauren Meyer at Science Refinery. Lauren did an amazing job helping me highlight my strengths and effectively articulate my interests in the cover letter for the science job I was applying for. Part of what made Lauren’s help so fantastic is her wide knowledge of the many scientific methodologies and techniques I use in the lab, which she drew upon to help me market these skills. She also expertly edited my cover letter and resume to keep my writing concise and to the point, and she found all those nitpicky spelling and grammatical details that really matter if you want your writing to have a positive impact. In the end, my application looked professional. I was extremely satisfied with Lauren’s service and proud to submit my application. I can’t say enough good things about Science Refinery.

“Overall, really a terrific experience.”

Dr. Nestor Matthews at Denison University in Granville, OH submitted this video testimonial about his experience working with Science Refinery on his video lectures*:

Here’s the core of what he said: “I was very impressed. What I found was that the feedback first came to me very quickly…but most importantly, the quality of the feedback was just terrific…Overall, really a terrific experience from the time I requested the quote to the time I actually made the payment (which was very easy to do). So they were easy to do business with and they provided some great feedback. I highly recommend to you Science Refinery.”

*You can see my earlier post about flipping the classroom here.

Prompt and friendly service, concise and smooth language

Audra H. in Madison, WI submitted this video testimonial about her experiences working with Science Refinery on an academic poster and a résumé and cover letter:

Here’s the core of what she said: “I received prompt and friendly service. The editing helps to make my content more concise and my language flow more smoothly. I would definitely recommend Science Refinery for any technical editing needs that you might have.”