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Thoughts on “flipping the classroom”

Yesterday the Chronicle of Higher Education featured an article about flipping the classroom. Author Jennifer Ebbeler explains this “means that students watch lectures online outside of class and then spend class time participating in discussions and working on problems.” In other words, traditional lecture and homework activities are flipped. As Ebbeler describes, this is no easy task. After enduring the difficulties for a semester, however, she concluded the benefits were well worth the effort.

I’m also a proponent of flipped classrooms. One of Science Refinery’s early projects was analyzing several lectures recorded for a flipped Sensation and Perception course. (UPDATE: Here’s a video testimonial from that project’s client.) I enjoyed giving feedback so the professor could improve his techniques for flipping his upcoming Psychology Research Methods course in the most effective way possible. (Remember that Science Refinery goes beyond copyediting written articles–I’ll work with you on posters, talks, teaching consultations, and whatever other projects you might have in mind.)

What are your thoughts on flipping the classroom? Have you been an instructor or student in such a course? Would you dread or love that kind of environment? Let us know in the comments below.