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Maternity leave over

Hey, blog followers! I just realized that I never let you know that my maternity leave is over. So far I’ve just done some smaller projects with existing clients, but I’m now back to regular strength. Bring on all your manuscripts, dissertations, posters, cover letters, and CVs!

My first paper from Africa!

I edit for many authors for whom English is not their first language. I’ve been keeping track of their countries of origin and first languages over on the Why Choose Science Refinery? page. Until now, I’ve done lots from Europe, Asia, and the Americas, but today I’m editing my first work from Africa (Angola)! Now I’ve edited something from every populated continent (that is, if you’re one of the people who count the Malay Archipelago as part of Oceania rather than Asia; if you’re not, I’m looking to you, Australia and New Zealand!). Cool.

Pain management patient information sheet

As seen on the recently updated Range of Projects I Work On page, I just edited a patient information sheet for a pain management clinic. I love getting to explore new fields and types of writing! Keep sending me those varied projects 🙂

Edit on 9/6: The Range of Projects I Work On page was just updated again to reflect that I’m now working on a manuscript in another new subject area: educational philosophy and theory. I also have a new country of origin and first language of my authors listed on the Why Choose Science Refinery page: Turkey and Turkish!

20 countries and 17 first languages!

After adding Malaysia and Malay to the lists today, I’ve now edited material by authors from 20 countries with 17 first languages. It’s such a pleasure working with bright people from around the world!

To celebrate this milestone, I’m offering a 15% discount to any authors whose first language is not English who book work with Science Refinery now through next Friday, 7/18. Contact me today to take advantage of these savings.

It’s the anniversary of my full-time copyeditor status!

One year ago today, I declared that I was officially done with my graduate school responsibilities and was a full-time copyeditor with Science Refinery. It doesn’t seem possible that it’s been that long already! It’s been a challenging but rewarding experience. Thank you to all of my clients for making Science Refinery a success and to my family and friends for your support. I couldn’t have done it without all of you.

Website updates and listification

As promised last week, I updated* the Science Refinery website yesterday. You may notice minor changes in wording and formatting throughout, but the important stuff is listed below.

The countries of origin and first languages of the authors I’ve edited for so far are now all listed on the Why Choose Science Refinery page. They range from Belgium to Taiwan and Catalan to Swedish.

The project types and subject areas of the pieces I’ve edited so far are now all listed on the Range of Projects I Work On page. They range from academic journal articles to website copy and biology to statistics.

Finally, I put a new picture of me working at my standing desk (I’ll post about that soon!) on the home page. In it you can see this poster from The Oatmeal about “Why working from home is both awesome and horrible,” my shelf of various diplomas and awards, and the beautiful spring day out my open window.

Lauren at standing desk

By the way, don’t forget that any projects for IMFAR booked now through 5/12 will receive a 20% discount!

*Case in point about why even I need an editor sometimes: I originally wrote “made some updates to” instead of the simpler, more powerful “updated.” Blech.