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My main computer is finally working again!

Thanks to my wonderful hubby, my main computer is finally back up and running after a week of only being able to use some old, slow devices. Now I can get back to working at full speed!

Edit all the things!

Google Wallet now accepted

Science Refinery is now set up to accept payments from Google Wallet (in addition to PayPal and U.S. check). You can learn more about Google Wallet from their extensive FAQ list here. I’m glad to be able to offer clients more flexibility in payment options!

20 countries and 17 first languages!

After adding Malaysia and Malay to the lists today, I’ve now edited material by authors from 20 countries with 17 first languages. It’s such a pleasure working with bright people from around the world!

To celebrate this milestone, I’m offering a 15% discount to any authors whose first language is not English who book work with Science Refinery now through next Friday, 7/18. Contact me today to take advantage of these savings.

Why I <3 repeat customers

I love working with repeat customers. It’s so gratifying to know that my work was valuable enough to someone that they want to work with me again! It’s a great confidence booster that I really am doing a good job and serving my clients well.

I also relish the opportunity to develop deeper relationships with my clients over time. Today someone I’ve worked with multiple times (I won’t say who, but you can find him somewhere on the testimonials page!) called to get an estimate request on another project. I’d previously done basic editing of one of his journal manuscripts and substantive editing of his CV, and now I’ll be helping with developmental editing of a few job application cover letters. Because we were already familiar with each other’s writing and editing styles, I could confidently quote him an appropriate fee and he could confidently assess that it was a fair value for the help he’d receive.

As I outline on the “Why Choose Science Refinery?” page, I go beyond traditional copyediting of journal articles, so this type of ongoing client relationship is common for me. As another example, I could help you craft an abstract to submit to a conference, design the poster once you’re accepted, write the journal article after you get great feedback on your poster, and put related work together in your dissertation.

If you haven’t yet hired Science Refinery for any editing projects, never fear! As much as I love my repeat customers, I still have plenty of time and attention that I can devote to new clients, too. So contact me today and let’s get started. I know you’ll love working with Science Refinery so much that you’ll become a repeat customer soon too.

Language stiltedness vs. “the rules”

On one of the copyediting email lists I follow, someone recently linked to the following article: “Paradigm Consistency and the Depiction of Stiltedness: The Case of than I versus than me.” I heartily recommend reading it to anyone interested in how the official rules of formal, standard English often differ from the everyday usage of most folks. Though it leaves something to be desired from my perspective as a psychology researcher, the article does an admirable job of opening the line of inquiry for future better-designed studies. Enjoy!