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From application to article, poster to presentation, if I can help you communicate your science so you can get back to doing the science you love, count me in. Let's make your science sing.

Insights into cover letter contents

I worked with Lewis B. Loveland to craft his resume and cover letter. He sent this video testimonial about his experience.

If you’d rather read it, here’s what Lewis said:

Hello, my name is Lewis, and I would like to thank Science Refinery for the work that they did in editing my cover letter and resume for a job application. I particularly appreciate the insights they gave into how to write a cover letter and what sort of information should be in it. I also greatly appreciated the excellent customer service and the very quick turnaround on the project that Science Refinery produced, and I would recommend Science Refinery to anyone who is seeking advice on editing materials for science-based projects.

“I was immediately brought into three interviews.”

I worked with Matt S. of Denver, CO to craft his resume and online job search profile. He sent this video testimonial about his experience.

Here are the highlights:

  • “It was incredible work. The turnaround time was amazing. You always were willing to work with me on edits, and the result of that work was astounding.”
  • “I was immediately brought into three interviews. […] I credit that to your resume that you built for me.”
  • “All the information was laid out perfectly.”
  • “The best part of the resume experience that I had was our email exchanges because they were very non-critical. You were straight to the point of what needed to be changed.”
  • “It was a great experience all around.”

From the small details to the big picture

I recently worked with Robin to edit the website for her small business. Here’s what she had to say about the experience:

Robin and sonI hired Lauren to edit my website ( I’m a potty training and elimination communication teacher and Lauren helped me fine tune my website content to effectively describe my potty training philosophy and services to potential clients. As an editor, Lauren focused in on the small details on each page such as punctuation, spelling, and grammar errors and she also focused on the website as a whole, making sure there was consistency between pages in my style and messaging, and that pages linked to each other in ways that enhanced the user experience. I felt that Lauren was able to look at my website from two points of view – she understood what I was trying to say and was able to offer suggestions for words and phrases that potential clients would want to read. Lauren was easy to work with and completed the task faster than her original estimated time. I highly recommend Lauren to others who are trying to launch their business and using their websites as a marketing and educational tool.

Beyond expectations

“Lauren is a great editor. She is very professional, reliable, and fast. She edited all chapters of my PhD thesis which is in the field of computer science and engineering.

She has a good sense to understand technical details. She fixed some issues without changing the technical meaning of the paragraphs.

The thesis ended up to be very well-formed. She edited some chapters even faster than my expectation. I strongly recommend her to anyone that is need of an editor that will deliver your document beyond your expectation.”

–H., University of Wisconsin-Madison

Helping you craft a final product to be proud of

Here’s what Brittany Buhalog had to say about her experience working with Science Refinery earlier this year:

BB“I’m a medical student at the University of Wisconsin, and getting accepted into a dermatology residency program is a very stressful process. I was asked by one of my top programs to send the residency director a PowerPoint slide about myself that would be projected on screen as the physicians were discussing how to ultimately rank me. I knew I needed a professional-looking yet visually striking final product, which is something I certainly could not create by myself! Lauren was able to strike the perfect balance between professionalism and aesthetics, and I was proud to send the final slide to the residency director. I will surely recommend and utilize Lauren’s services in the future.”

My first paper from Africa!

I edit for many authors for whom English is not their first language. I’ve been keeping track of their countries of origin and first languages over on the Why Choose Science Refinery? page. Until now, I’ve done lots from Europe, Asia, and the Americas, but today I’m editing my first work from Africa (Angola)! Now I’ve edited something from every populated continent (that is, if you’re one of the people who count the Malay Archipelago as part of Oceania rather than Asia; if you’re not, I’m looking to you, Australia and New Zealand!). Cool.