From the small details to the big picture

I recently worked with Robin to edit the website for her small business. Here’s what she had to say about the experience:

Robin and sonI hired Lauren to edit my website ( I’m a potty training and elimination communication teacher and Lauren helped me fine tune my website content to effectively describe my potty training philosophy and services to potential clients. As an editor, Lauren focused in on the small details on each page such as punctuation, spelling, and grammar errors and she also focused on the website as a whole, making sure there was consistency between pages in my style and messaging, and that pages linked to each other in ways that enhanced the user experience. I felt that Lauren was able to look at my website from two points of view – she understood what I was trying to say and was able to offer suggestions for words and phrases that potential clients would want to read. Lauren was easy to work with and completed the task faster than her original estimated time. I highly recommend Lauren to others who are trying to launch their business and using their websites as a marketing and educational tool.