Free Writing in the Sciences MOOC

A free online course called Writing in the Sciences starts on Tuesday, 9/2. I have no experience with this instructor or MOOCs at Stanford, so I can’t provide a personal recommendation, but it looks like it’d be a great experience. The topics include everything from crafting better sentences and paragraphs to how to do a peer review. If you take the course, please let me know what you think of it!

1 thought on “Free Writing in the Sciences MOOC

  1. John

    This course is actually pretty good. I got bored with it, because I’m familiar with most of it, being a medical writer/editor, but for someone looking to improve their writing skills in science, it’s very good. Teaches clarity and conciseness. The sample sentences she uses are good for learning about common syntactical and other problems. Probably not a good starting point though for non-native English speakers unless their English is already quite good.




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