A mixed review of the new tool Presenter and a nuclear power infographic

Yesterday I got an email from someone at Easy WebContent about their new app Presenter. They were seeking a review here on the blog because they found my earlier post about Bunkr. Because there are many similarities between the two tools, I didn’t feel like writing a full review of Presenter. In case you’re interested, this review describes many of its features.

I did want to try my hand at creating my first infographic. I used an article about nuclear power that I copyedited as inspiration. I think it turned out to be pretty awesome! Here’s a taste:

potential energy

You can view the entire (clickable!) infographic here. I’d love your feedback so I can improve if I ever decide to make another one.

Presenter certainly is a powerful tool and it was fun to play around with. That said, I had to deal with a lot of bugs…or things that aren’t actually bugs but seem like they are because the correct functionality was non-intuitive for me. For example, objects and text would frequently re-size themselves seemingly at random; I eventually figured out that if I zoomed in to view my canvas at 100% then zoomed back out to my preferred 75% view, everything would be back to normal. Weird and super annoying. Another problem is that the infographic tools are not very flexible. For example, the percentage of Uranium-235 in mined ore is actually 0.7%, but it forced me to round to 1%.

So while I don’t advocate flocking to Presenter (especially given how much I liked Bunkr), it might be worth poking around. If they fix some of my current gripes in future updates, I’ll be much more likely to enjoy the tool and take advantage of its unique features.

So what do you think? Do you have experience with either of these programs? Which do you prefer and why? Or will you never abandon your beloved PowerPoint? Let us know in the comments.

1 thought on “A mixed review of the new tool Presenter and a nuclear power infographic

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