“Science Journal Publication”: Don’t fall for this OA scam

In checking my Spam folder today (I always make sure something legitimate didn’t slip through the cracks before deleting them all), I found a suspicious message. It was soliciting submissions for an open-access journal. There were many red flags, from the numerous spelling mistakes to only using the acronym SJP for their name.

So I Googled SJP. This gave me endless information about the actress Sarah Jessica Parker. Oops. So I Googled SJP open access. The first hit was their site, but the second was this article. It describes the evidence that Science Journal Publication [sic] is a scam. They’re even based in infamously spam-heavy Nigeria (“Many publishers lie about or hide their headquarters location, but I’ve found that when a publisher claims to be from Warri State, they are generally telling the truth.”).

If a publisher has been on Beall’s List of “Potential, possible, or probable predatory scholarly open-access publishers” for almost two years, it’s pretty safe to assume you shouldn’t submit to them. Avoid Science Journal Publication and, as always, be on the lookout for other open-access publishing scams.


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