A few general announcements (with pretty pictures!)

-I’m back! I’ve been quiet recently because my family was visiting from Wisconsin for the first time. We had a great time exploring the Missoula area and taking day trips to Flathead Lake, Idaho, and such. The running joke of the trip was to take pictures of everyone “contemplating.” Here’s one of Kristofer and me* contemplating Lolo Creek at Fort Fizzle:

-More generally, I’ve decided not to stick to my original plan of posting every weekday. It was taking too much of my time and mental energy. For now I’m planning to post about three days a week instead (when I’m not on vacation).

-My ad is still running on the Montana Kaimin website. Due to a few errors on their part, you can also still pick up a Missoulian with my ad in it on Sunday 10/20 and 10/27. [EDIT: To help make up for it, I’ll now also be included in the special InBusiness Quarterly section on Thursday, 11/21.]

-Here’s a bonus picture of some snow-capped mountains, trees with fall colors, and cattle. Because it’s gorgeous.

*Ah! I originally had “Kristofer and I.” Classic over correction. Oops!

1 thought on “A few general announcements (with pretty pictures!)

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