“The smell of freshly pooped popcorn. A chill in the air…”

*Don’t forget about the ongoing contest for 10% off your next edit! Figure out how to parse the buffalo sentence from Monday’s post and you could win!*

Editing entails much more than correcting typos. For example, depending on the level of editing you choose, Science Refinery can work with you to make each sentence as effective as possible or even to help craft the message of a project and determine its overall organization and structure.

That said, sometimes it’s fun to catch embarrassing typos that somehow got published. Here’s one from a local paper last fall:

pooped popcorn

“The pounding beat of the drums. The crackle of the public address system. The smell of freshly pooped popcorn. A chill in the air. These are the unmistakable things synonymous with the arrival of high school football, and there’s nothing quite like it.”

Somehow I feel that football wouldn’t be quite so popular if it did involve freshly pooped popcorn…

If you find any egregious errors or sentences that leave you wondering, “what does that mean and how in the world did this get published?” please send them in. It can be instructive to turn the negative examples we see into more beautiful prose.


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