The People’s Science: A forum connecting scientists and the public

I encourage you to check out The People’s Science. As they say,

…most of what the public knows about ongoing science comes to us indirectly, from press offices or journalists.  Although these descriptions can be very good, scientists rarely have opportunities to meet non-scientists directly and engage in open conversation about their work.


The People’s Science is a centralized, interactive space where scientists and the public can meet and converse.

Scientists are invited to post “pop” versions of their work, and each post serves as its own discussion forum, where readers can ask questions, give thoughts, and discuss the meaning of the work. Feel free to enjoy, explore, and discuss. Because after all, science is for all people.

So far the content is mostly comprised of Psychology and Neuroscience research (probably because the founder, Jamil Zaki, is a Social Neuroscientist), but I’m sure it will diversify as it gets more popular.

So whether you’re a scientist or “the public,” follow them on Twitter, like them on Facebook, and contribute to the website.


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