For your daily dose of neuro-jargon

In this new Funny or Die video, we watch Donna and Leslie: “roommates who trigger each other.” What could have ended up as an ugly roommate fight over doing the dishes instead ends amicably because “now they have neuroscience terms to help them communicate and resolve their issues.”

Donna is upset because the messy kitchen “brings up a lot of implicit memories from [her] chaotic childhood.” But at the mention of a chaotic childhood, Leslie’s “Central Nervous System drops into a fight, flight, or freeze state” and she has “trouble accessing [her] Prefrontal Cortex.”

How will they move past this? Only a heavy dose of continued neuro-jargon can save the day!

It’s important to be able to laugh at ourselves as scientists from time to time, so take a minute to watch the video now.

(Thanks to Joe W. in Madison, WI for the link!)

1 thought on “For your daily dose of neuro-jargon

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