“I can’t say enough good things about Science Refinery.”

Here’s a testimonial from Melissa Harris, a postdoctoral researcher in Madison, WI:

If you’re like me, you find writing cover letters to be a difficult task. YouMelissa worry whether your enthusiasm for the position comes off sounding flat or hackneyed, and you may have a tendency to undersell yourself. You know there’s no room for this when you’re after that awesome job! Enter Lauren Meyer at Science Refinery. Lauren did an amazing job helping me highlight my strengths and effectively articulate my interests in the cover letter for the science job I was applying for. Part of what made Lauren’s help so fantastic is her wide knowledge of the many scientific methodologies and techniques I use in the lab, which she drew upon to help me market these skills. She also expertly edited my cover letter and resume to keep my writing concise and to the point, and she found all those nitpicky spelling and grammatical details that really matter if you want your writing to have a positive impact. In the end, my application looked professional. I was extremely satisfied with Lauren’s service and proud to submit my application. I can’t say enough good things about Science Refinery.


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