Writing for an Audience class

Update: the application deadline has been extended to Sunday, August 4.

Would you like to “improve [your] ability to present general (not technical) ideas persuasively to an uninformed or unsympathetic audience”? If so, sign up for Dr. Leonard Peikoff’s class Writing for an Audience. The deadline is this Friday, July 26, Sunday, August 4, so act soon!

For just $300, you’ll be able to virtually meet with Dr. Peikoff–a very effective communicator–for 15 90-minute lectures. Most of these will be spent in hands-on analysis of students’ writing.

The stated prerequisites are “familiarity with Ayn Rand’s two major novels [Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead], along with some understanding of her ideas.” Your application should include a short essay on “Why I like The Fountainhead.”

Click here for more information. Remember, you only have a few days to apply, so start writing!

PS: Unfortunately I’m unable to attend, but I’d love to hear about the course. If anyone attends, please let me know!


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