Happy Pi Approximation Day! Here’s a deal to celebrate…

Some people celebrate Pi Day on 3-14, but let Dromiceiomimus tell you what today is:

pi approx dayThat’s right, 22/7 is Pi Approximation Day. And since everyone needs something to brighten their Monday morning, I highly suggest reading the rest of the comic here.

Now, you don’t want your next paper to be just an approximation of success, and you don’t want your next presentation to end with pie all around your face. (I’m telling you, read the comic.) Science Refinery can give you that extra polish that will make colleagues and reviewers take notice for all the right reasons.

To celebrate Pi Approximation Day and true success, here’s a special deal: anyone who contacts me for an estimate today or tomorrow (July 22-23) will get a 10% discount! So poke around the site to learn about the kinds of projects I work on, the levels of editing available, and more, then contact me to get started. This offer won’t last long, so invest in your own productivity today!


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