My New Weekday Schedule

[Update: my schedule and posting plan have been altered since this original posting.]

Confession time. I’ve been terrible at keeping a regular schedule lately, and as a new business owner, that kills potential productivity. I have lots of reasons and explanations that initially satisfy me, but I know upon reflection they’re just excuses. So here’s the plan. I’m making my new regular weekday schedule public to keep me accountable to all of you.

7:15a Wake up


Email (only!)

Write blog post (can go on Facebook and Twitter to post, but no other activity)

Client projects

Business tasks

12:30p Lunch with my husband (the bright spot of him having a part-time job for now :))

Scan email for client correspondence (only!)

Client projects

Business tasks

Productive reading

5:30p Cleaning / making dinner / errands


Social activities

Free computer time (having this be last instead of first will be the biggest change / challenge!)

2 thoughts on “My New Weekday Schedule

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