You just finished a set of experiments and you’re excited about your findings! But you’d much rather move on to the fun part of designing and conducting the follow-up studies than trudge through the work of clearly communicating the results. Enter Science Refinery.

LM at Work

From application to article, poster to presentation, if I can help you communicate your science so you can get back to doing the science you love, count me in. Whether you want help from the very early stages of the project or just assurance that everything is correct before you hit submit, I have a level of editing that’s right for you.

What sets Science Refinery apart? Unlike most copyeditors, I have a strong scientific background. I know firsthand the frustrations and joys involved in the process of science communication, and I can easily digest scientific content.

Still not convinced? Listen to your peers sing Science Refinery’s praises on the testimonials page.

Whether you’re applying to graduate school or already a tenured professor, I know you have many demands on your time. Investing in a science communication consultant to edit your articles, design your posters, and develop your talks frees you up. It’s time to invest in your own productivity: contact Science Refinery today. Let’s make your science sing.

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